ORMOC CITY- A solar power plant is soon to operate giving an alternative power source to consumers of this city which is home to the world’s biggest geothermal power plant. Last October 8, the solar power plant located in Barangay Dolores had its ground breaking which could provide 30 megawatt of power. The solar plant is managed by the Philippine Solar, an associate of SOLEQ, China company which is expected to go in full operations in seven months time. The plant will occupy a 44-hectare lot in the village, said Pedro Pepito, chairman of Dolores, 10 kilometers away from the city proper. Pepito added he assisted the company in processing the necessary documents and guided to obtain the lot/property leases. He was glad that after two years, everything is in place as he expressed that the operation would alleviate his constituents’ economic status considering the plant construction itself needs around 700 skilled workers.

The village people are the priority during the construction of the solar plant. Ormoc hosts the Leyte Geothermal Production Field (LGPF), the world’s second geothermal power plant which produces 700 megawatts supplying electricity in the country. Ormoc receives royalty from the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) which runs the LGPF. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)