TACLOBAN CITY- Two administration senators backed on the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC).
And both Senators Cynthia Villar and Koko Pimentel believes that there would be no fallout with the Philippines’ withdrawal from the said international tribunal.
According to Villar, investors are not really concern whether the country is still part of the ICC but more on its economic fundamentals.
“Alam mo yung mga investors, tinitingnan nila ang GDP growth; kung tayo ay may recession. Kasi kapag may recession tayo, matatakot sila. Pagbumaba ang GDP growth, matatakot sila hindi yung (withdrawal from) ICC,” Villar said on Tuesday (March 19).
Sen. Villar added that there is nothing to worry on this move of the President saying that all the courts in the country remain functional where complaints that may involve government instrumentalities or officials could be lodged.
For Sen. Pimentel, there should not be an issue on the decision of Pres. Duterte to withdraw from ICC considering that even the world’s super powers like the United States is not part of the ICC.
“Let it be. The President has decided to withdraw. Let’s honor his decision,” he said.
“Sa tingin ko wala naman epekto sa atin yan.Ang malalaki at progresibong mg bansa gaya ng United States, India, Russia and China hindi naman ICC members,” Pimentel said.
He also said that the move to withdraw from the ICC does not need any Senate concurrence.
“Ang Senate, approval sa pag-sali pero sa pagkalas, nandon na mismo yung proseso sa treaty,” Pimentel said.
For Governor Imee Marcos, another ally of the administration who is running for senator under the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, she feel it was just right for the President to withdraw from the ICC.
“Sabi ni Presidente, we are a sovereign nation. Dapat walang makikiaalam sa atin.I think, we are within our rights to do that,” Marcos said.
She also said that investors will continue to come to the country as the Philippines is now considered as among the world’s prime investment destinations.
“We are doing well economically. Ang taas-taas ng growth rate natin so there is no reason why the investors will not come here,” Marcos added.
The Hugpong ng Pagbabago conducted their grand political rally here at the city held at the Tacloban Convention Center attended by police estimate crowd of 15,000 people.(JOEY A. GABIETA/LIZBETH ANN A. ABELLA)