SAN ISIDRO, Northern Samar- Councilor Conrado Avila Sr. is asking his colleagues at the town council to hasten the revision of their revenue and incentive codes. The two revenue-generating measures should be reviewed and revised immediately considering their possible impacts to the town’s economy, Avila, mayor of the town for nine years, said. The proposed amendments of the revenue and incentive codes or Ordinances 2016-032 and 2016-033 respectively have been with the town council since last year but the councilors have yet to act on them. Avila said that the town council should set a time table when these two measures should be approved on their revised forms. The former mayor and now councilor Avila made this suggestion during their first regular session on August 1. Councilor Roldan Sabayo, who acts as the majority floor leader of the Sangguniang Bayan, said that the measures would be passed and approved within the month. Sabayo said that he is also aware on the importance of these measures that are expected to help the local economy and shore up the income of the municipal government. San Isidro is a fourth class town which heavily depends on its internal revenue allotment as its main source of income. Meantime, during their August 1 regular session, distribution of committee chairmanships served as the main agenda. The taking into office of Rosalia Salinas, barangay chairperson of Buenavista, as an ex-officio member of the town council was also discussed.  Vice Mayor Wilson Tomacas Sr., presiding officer of the council, said that they will work closely with the administration of Mayor Ferdinand “Nanding” Avila to realize all his programs and projects that could benefit the entire town of San Isidro.  (PETER D. PAREDES)