Mayor Melissa de la Cruz of Matuguinao, Samar says some individuals are out to sow fear among her people. She asks security agencies of the government to help maintain their peace and order situation.(Photo Courtesy)

TACLOBAN CITY- Contrary to perception, the town of Matuguinao in Samar is a peaceful place.
But its tranquility is being ‘disturbed’ by some groups in the town as they are sowing fear among her people, Mayor Melissa de la Cruz said in an interview.
de la Cruz, who is running for vice mayor in next year’s elections, thus appeal these groups not to stalk fear among her people.
“Matuguinao is a very peaceful place but there are really individuals who want to disturb our peace and order situation. They are sowing fear among my people,” the third-termer mayor said.
The situation in Matuguinao was highlighted after former mayor Aran Boller, who is running for the same post in next year’s election, was reportedly ambushed in Catbalogan City by still unidentified armed men on November 18.
Boller, who is a relative of Mayor de la Cruz, was hit at his right hand.
The lady mayor, however, downplayed the incident involving her political rival.
She said that she find it ridiculous that Boller was only hit at his right hand by the perpetrator.
“If the suspect is bent on killing him, he could have been shot that would ensure his death,” she said.
Mayor de la Cruz also dismissed allegations that she could be behind on the incident.
“Why will I do that? I don’t have any capacity to do that. We don’t have any private armed group contrary to what my opponent is falsely spreading,” she said.
According to de la Cruz, there is no reason for her to resort to violence as she believes that majority of the people of Matuguinao supports their family.
The outgoing town mayor also issued an appeal to officials of both the Philippine National Police and the Army in the region to give focus on her town saying ‘several’ killing incidents in their town remain unsolved and for them to stop the presence of private armed group there.
Boller was defeated by de la Cruz for mayor in 2010 and 2013 elections.
For next year’s elections, de la Cruz sister, Carmel, who is the incumbent vice mayor, will face Boller for the mayoralty post.