TACLOBAN CITY – In celebration of National Women’s Month, provincial employees of the provincial government of Samar have enthusiastically joined the ‘Purple Fridays Campaign’, advocating for gender equality and empowerment.

COLOR PURPLE. The historic San Juanico Bridge turned purple as the country marks the Women’s Month celebration. Purple is often associated with women as they continue campaign for equality. (PHOTO COURTESY)

Throughout the Fridays of March, all are encouraged to don attire with shades of purple, symbolizing solidarity and support for women’s rights.

March 8, International Women’s Day, coincidentally fell on a Friday, making it an apt occasion to deck in purple attire as a mark of recognition and respect for women worldwide.

Governor Sharee Ann Tan conveyed her heartfelt felicitations to all Samareñas and women globally, emphasizing the indispensable role they play as the cornerstone of every household.

Tan highlighted the importance of women taking pride in their crucial roles, serving as the nurturing heart and guiding light within their families.

She underscored the evolving nature of women’s roles in contemporary society, emphasizing their enduring responsibility in shaping community values.

“In this ever-changing world, women continue to be the bedrock of our communities, illuminating the path forward with their grace and resilience,” the governor remarked. “May the warmth of women’s light continue to radiate, inspiring positivity and empowerment wherever they tread,” she added.

In addition to the Purple Fridays campaign, the Purple Your Icon Advocacy has been fervently endorsed, encouraging individuals to adorn their workplaces, landmarks, and surroundings with purple embellishments. This initiative aims to foster awareness and interest in women’s empowerment initiatives.

To support this cause, the province of Samar has adorned the iconic San Juanico Bridge with a radiant purple glow throughout March.

The bridge will feature a dynamic light show every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm, further amplifying the message of gender equality and empowerment.

And as part of the celebration, a lively Zumba dance session was organized following the Friday flag retreat ceremony. This energetic activity aimed to promote health and wellness among employees while celebrating the strength and vitality of women in the workplace.