CATARMAN, Northern Samar– A more convenient and improved mobility along portions of Catarman-Laoang road is now attainable as the Department of Public Works and Highways Northern Samar First District Engineering Office has completed the P47.91-million road widening project in the municipality of Mondragon, Northern Samar.

The road widening project in Barangay Chitongco involves the construction of 1.6 kilometers of road widening from 2-lane to 4-lane with road shoulders of 2 meters width both sides. The said project also covers the installation of metal guardrails and the construction of a canal on the left side.

“The widening project is deemed necessary to facilitate faster movement and delivery of goods and services and at the same time providing convenient and comfortable travel. The newly improved road section now caters large volume of traffic and larger types of vehicles like big busses and 10-wheeler trucks,” said District Engineer Mario D. Villena.

The said project is also part of the national government’s road expansion projects to facilitate rural and economic development in the area.