S.J A.

Independence Day is a momentous occasion that carries deep significance for every Filipino. Its commemoration serves as a poignant reminder of the arduous struggles, tremendous sacrifices, and triumphant moments that shaped the nation’s journey toward sovereignty. At this 125th year of celebration, it is the moment to urge a historical path towards freedom and unity, paying homage to the heroes who fought bravely for independence and reaffirming our shared values.

The distinction of being the first “Republic” in Asia is a remarkable achievement for the Philippines, even though the country has faced numerous challenges throughout history, including foreign colonization, social inequalities, and natural calamities. Yet, time and again, Filipinos have risen above adversity, united in their pursuit of freedom, and demonstrating an unwavering determination to shape their destiny. The struggles of the past serve as a constant reminder that our collective strength lies in our ability to overcome obstacles and forge a brighter future together.

In the face of multifaceted challenges, we must come together in various challenges to secure a promising future for our beloved nation. One of the most formidable challenges we currently face is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has put the strength and resilience of the Filipino people to the test. This crisis has highlighted the urgent need for collective action and unwavering determination to overcome hardship. Throughout this trying time, we have witnessed the true strength of our nation as frontline workers selflessly serve, communities come together in solidarity, and our people demonstrate an unwavering resolve to overcome the challenges before us.

Amidst this backdrop, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) emerges as a pillar of unwavering dedication, resolutely safeguarding our nation’s security and fostering an environment conducive to growth and unity. With their heightened capabilities and unwavering commitment, the AFP assumes a pivotal role in contributing to the COVID- 19 pandemic, addressing security issues that would impede and hinder the delivery of essential services, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid to those in need.

In this pursuit, we must acknowledge the significant role of the AFP in maintaining peace and stability while building bridges of understanding, fostering dialogue, and encouraging cooperation among diverse groups. Whether it is addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or preserving defense and security, the AFP stands as a pillar of strength, ready to confront any challenge that comes our way.

With all these, we must recognize the modern gallant heroes among us—the healthcare professionals, the soldiers, and the essential workers—who selflessly serve and inspire us with their commitment to our nation’s well-being. They embody the true spirit of unity and selflessness, reminding us that we can overcome any obstacle and build a prosperous Philippines together.

As we reflect on the journey towards freedom and unity on this Independence Day, we are reminded of the Filipino people’s resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit. From the struggles of the past to the challenges of the present, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to forge a brighter future together. The theme of “Kalayaan, Kinabukasan, Kasaysayan” encapsulates our commitment to delve into our history, envision our future, and appreciate our strides as a nation.