PALO, Leyte- The Philippine Red Cross Leyte chapter conducted its blood donation activity at Robinsons Place Tacloban Annex last July 26, 2014, an annual activity which is conducted every July, marked as the Blood Donors Month.

Edwin Pamonag, Philippine Red Cross Leyte administrator/OIC, said that they are encouraging individuals to donate and share their blood to those who are in need.
“I am encouraging everybody to donate blood. This is actually a good practice especially for young people,” Pamonag said. A blood donor must be at least 18 years old , weighing 55 kilos for new donors, with 120/80 blood pressure, and must be of good health. All blood donors were given a card for certification.

“Once you submit yourself for blood donation, a doctor will conduct a physical examination on you. You can only undergo the proper donation once you passed the exam. It is necessary that after getting the blood, the patient must rest first for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, it will be okay,” said Pamonag. Pamonag stressed that donating blood is helpful because every four months, our blood dies naturally in our body so we have to donate for our bone marrow to again work. This means that a person can donate his blood after every 3 months.

“Anyone interested to donate their blood regularly for every three months must visit our office at Leyte Park Hotel and it is open to everybody who is willing to donate their blood,” he said.

Pamonag estimated that they need at least 3,000 units of blood for the whole year. Aside from blood donation, Red Cross had also conducted blood typing in order for the people to know their blood type so they can somehow help to those in need of blood that has the same blood type of them. (Jul V. Grabillo-LNU-INTERN)