The S.M. Purisima Training Academy(PTA) has started its operations to the delight of young but deserving out of school students of Isabel and nearby towns. The newly opened training academy offers short technical courses to include welding, pipe fitting and several other short-term technical courses. This is a manifestation and a clear indication of the philanthropic and generous character of the president/founder of the institution, Engr. Saylito Mondares Purisima, who in his lifetime experienced a very challenging life, from being a working student in his college days in Cebu ; finished Mechanical Engineering,passed the board with an impressive grade. He got employed with PHILPHOS, but resigned from his Managerial position in that industrial estate within Leyte Industrial Development Enterprises (LIDE) after several years and became municipal administrator in Isabel under the administration of mayor Saturnino Medina. He resigned after the first term of Median and put up his own SNP Engineering Works. He is also now an engineering consultant and one of the top officials in the province of Palawan now under Gov. Jose “Pepito” Alvarez.

Realizing that the students come from poor families, as shown by the fact as they revealed it they could not pursue college education because of being a member of poor families, he devised a plan of a “study now pay later” scheme. After they finish at least 3-months skill training in the academy, Engr. Purisima will assist them being hired. Some selected few certificate of training holders will be employed at his own SMP Engineering Works. Some may get employed at the Leyte Industrial Development Estate (PASAR & PHILPHOS) which need these qualified applicants. There are 16 students now.

In the near future, the academy will earn an upgrade into a higher level and bigger educational enterprise. Purisima has already a designated area where to build it. Known personalities who attended the historic launching of the academy expressed their impressed appreciation with the opening of this new institution. They even thank the Heavens for having in their midst a Saylito Purisima who has made this project a possible, a Masbateño at that. He is married to Angelina or Angie, an elementary grades teacher a popular lady who in her own right also a philanthropic educator, and a scion of the highly respected-esteemed Rojas clan of Isabel. Alvin Arpon was the invited lecturer-consultant of the school. He delivered the opening remarks during this hoistoryc launching. He extolled the commendable and worth emulating virtues of Engr. Purisima, he being a close friend of the founder.

He is designated as lecturer and consultant of the academy invited by the PTA founder Purisima. He was formerly a professor in college at the Leyte Normal University teaching subjects in journalism. Arpon is a retired regional director of the Philippine Information Agency Region 8.