TACLOBAN CITY– In a significant step towards improving public awareness and understanding of the Philippine Statistics System, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) hosted a Media Stakeholders’ Forum at Hotel Alejandro, this city, on Tuesday(May 21).
The gathering aimed to foster a collaborative environment where media practitioners and government information officers could gain valuable insights into the statistical services and systems provided by the PSA.

Attendees included media practitioners, government information officers from various agencies, and representatives from the Leyte Provincial Police Office.

The orientation, titled “Stakeholders Orientation on Philippine Statistics System, PSA Statistical Indicators, PhilSys Check, and PSA Products and Services among Information Officers and Media Practitioners,” aimed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge to effectively communicate statistical information to the public.

This initiative is crucial for increasing registration in the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the country’s statistical and identification systems.

The event commenced with the acknowledgment of participants, setting a collaborative tone for the day, followed by the orientation proper led by member specialists and officers of the PSA and Philippine Information Agency Leyte.

Experts covered a range of topics, including the Philippine Statistical System, PSA products and services, UN fundamental principles of official statistics, PSA statistical indicators, basic mobile photography, salient features of RA 1105, replacement of PhilID, updating of PSA facilities, and PhilSys check.