TACLOBAN CITY-A banner program under the administration of acting Governor Ferdinand Marcelo ‘Dindo’ Picardal of Eastern Samar dubbed as “Proyekto 25” has brought reforms to the operations of health care facilities in the province.
George Erroba, provincial administrator, said that Picardal is “fixing the bureaucracy in Eastern Samar provincial government to better serve the constituents.”
“Gov. Picardal doesn’t like that people have to line up and wait for a long time, so we have put up a mechanism to speed up the transactions,” Erroba said.
Picardal also established a Provincial Governor’s Office (PGO) in the hospitals to “immediately respond to the problems and monitor the needs of the patients” who are confined in the different health care facilities.
The PGO is an initiative of Picardal to provide transparency and good governance in the province following the goal of “Proyekto 25”, Erroba added.
With the full implementation of “No Balance Billing” policy in all hospital establishments and the availability of the medicines and supplies, more people opted to go to government hospitals because of the availability of logistics, Erroba said.
He added that PhilHealth officials across the country have recognized the implementation of “No Balance Billing” in Eastern Samar.
On bed occupancy of the hospitals, Eastern Samar had served around 18, 230 in-patients (admissions) in all of its hospitals with 44 percent or 8, 194 admitted in Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital, as of November 2018.
On the average, the monthly bed occupancy rate is 80 percent.
Also, five out of nine hospitals had more than 85 percent monthly bed occupancy rate.
In 2017, the provincial average of monthly bed occupancy rate was only 48 percent but was increased to 80 percent in 2018.
On its hospital revenue, it showed that there was a 62 percent increase in the hospital income or about P100 million collection. (RONALD O.REYES)