San Roque Elementary School is the biggest non-central elementary school in Tolosa District.
For SY 2019-2020, its Grade VI pupils were 99. With the concerted efforts of the School Head, the General PTA and Barangay LGU, the proposed Grade 7 Extension Class was born.
On Sept. 3, 2019, Sir Raul Salaño, Education Program Supervisor (EPS) of Leyte Division, visited San Roque Elementary School, for ocular inspection. Barangay chairman, Hon. Tito Amboy Villarino and Gladys L. Rizaga appreciated the visit of EPS Raul Salaño.
Last March, EPS Salaño, Public Schools District Supervisor, Lolita P. Legaspi, Tolosa National High School, Principal II, Flora M. Pica and Gladys L. Rizaga, School Principal II of San Roque Elementary School, attended Barangay Council session to discuss matters for the proposed Tolosa National High School Grade 7 Extension Classes.
As of the moment, the School Head of San Roque Elementary School, together with Hon. Raul Cesista and Hon. Aquilina L. Canonigo are copying with the submission of the documents to EPS Salaño, so that Grade 7 Extension Classes for SY 2020-2021 will come to reality.
(Note: The author is the school head of the San Roque Elementary School, Tolosa, Leyte)