BORONGAN CITY-To further boost citizen’s access to primary health care services, the PhilHealth Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) – Local Health Integrated Office (LHIO) in this city recently announced a wider coverage of the program which gives free consultation in accredited healthcare facilities in the province.

According to PhilHealth Borongan Information Officer Sherwin Aquino, the said program is commonly called the “PhilHealth Konsulta – Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama.”

He said that before, only those who are admitted to the hospital or hospitalization service can avail of the said program, but now, “outpatient” can avail of the package included in the program.

Aquino also said that in order to avail of the benefits under the Konsulta Benefit Package, interested individuals should have a PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) and updated records in the PhilHealth.

“It is mandated on the Universal Health Care Law that it is very important and necessary that all Filipino citizens are on the list of the accredited facility for them to avail the ‘preventive health care services’ in order for them to be admitted in the accredited facility,” he said.

He disclosed that as of now, there are only nine accredited Konsulta providers in Eastern Samar — the Borongan City Rural Health Unit RHU-1 and RHU-2, Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital (ESPH), RHU-Can-avid, RHU-Taft, RHU-Maydolong, RHU-Salcedo, Felipe Abrigo Memorial Hospital (FAMH), and RHU-Guiuan.

He further said that there are health facilities that are also in the process for accreditation: the RHU-Sulat and RHU-San-Policarpo.

Meanwhile, the Borongan Doctor’s Hospital in Borongan City and Domingo Casano Hospital in Dolores, are also applying for accreditation.

PhilHealth shall release annual capitation funds to accredited Konsulta Providers in tranches based on the number of registered members and their performance at a per capita rate of P500 in public facilities, and P750 in private providers for every patient.

The application for Konsulta accreditation is open to non-hospital facilities such as rural health units, ambulatory surgical clinics, and infirmaries.

All outpatient departments of PhilHealth accredited Level 1, 2, and 3 are also encouraged to be accredited for the purpose.
(MMP/SDC/PIA-E. Samar)