FOOD HUB. The municipal government of Palo, Leyte, headed by Mayor Remedios ‘Matin’ Petilla formally launched a three-day event ‘An Kultura han Pagkaon ha Palo’ which aims to make the town into a major food hub not only in the province but the rest of country. The event ended on March 8,2024.(PALO LGU)

TACLOBAN CITY – The municipal government of Palo, Leyte is embarking on a culinary initiative to compile a culinary book, aiming to document various dishes and traditional ingredients used by the town’s residents in their cooking.

Mayor Remedios Petilla emphasized the importance of showcasing Palo not only as a historic town, famously known as the landing site of General Douglas McArthur during World War II but also as a hub of culinary heritage, with recipes passed down through generations.

To kickstart this endeavor, the local government organized a three-day “An Kultura han Pagkaon ha Palo: A learning conference on Palo, Leyte gastronomy” that ended on March 8.
The conference was attended by representatives from people’s organizations, food service providers, and academia.

Highlighting the conference was a community cooking demonstration held at the Oriental Hotel de Leyte, where residents showcased traditional cooking methods and utilized local ingredients to prepare dishes, pleasing the palates of attendees.

During the cooking demonstrations, careful attention was given to selecting ingredients, adhering to original recipes, and utilizing traditional cooking utensils, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

Mayor Petilla emphasized the importance of understanding the origins of local dishes, highlighting the need to preserve culinary traditions for future generations.

“It’s about time that we learn something about what we eat every day so that these traditions will never be forgotten,” she expressed, underscoring the significance of preserving Palo’s culinary heritage.

The town mayor also hinted at future plans to host a food festival, showcasing Palo’s diverse culinary offerings to visitors and tourists, further promoting the town’s gastronomic delights.

Guest speakers at the conference, who included Ugnayan Center for Filipino Gastronomy chair and president of Culinary Arts Historians of the Philippines, Ige Ramos, and food and beverage consultant Laorence Castillo, imparted their knowledge and expertise to participants, enriching the culinary experience of Palo’s residents and visitors alike.