PALAPAG, Northern Samar – The tourism stakeholders in the four Pacific Coastal towns of Northern Samar had requested the Department of Tourism (DOT) to conduct accreditation of their tourism facilities.
This was disclosed by Paul Go, tourism-designate of this town who said that getting accreditation from the DOT is important, both on their policy-making and in inviting tourists to visit their towns.
“Accreditation from the DOT is very important for the tourism facility operators because it will make the tourists feel more comfortable staying in the establishments and they will be assured of good services,”Go said.
Part of the training they want is for the DOT to teach them on gathering data on the number of tourists visiting their towns as this could help them in crafting their policies related to tourism promotion.
Go said that although Palapag is rich in natural wonders like beaches, rock formations and waterfalls, the local government unit wants to position the town as the accommodation capital of the four Pacific Coastal towns.
Aside from Palapag, the other coastal towns of Northern Samar are Mapanas, Gamay and Lapinig.
He added that aside from positioning as a place for accommodation, they will focus more in promoting the rich history of the town.
Palapag, which is one of the oldest towns in the region, is the birthplace of Agustin Sumuroy, a prominent figure in revolutionary movement in Samar Island against Spanish colonizers.
Sumuroy led a revolt in 1649-1650 in this town against the Spaniards which eventually spread to Luzon, and some parts of the Visayas and Mindanao.
The town was also part of the galleon trade during Spanish period where some of its men were sent to force labor.
“We need to consider of taking away the competition between municipalities which is why we want to focus in this aspect of tourism, on historical, culture and heritage,” Go explained.