Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan said that giving recognition to the awardees underscores her desire to give importance the city’s art and culture.
The city mayor said that Catbalogan is so rich in history as well as its art and culture.
“Even during my first term, we have been trying to save the culture and arts; promote it…” Uy-Tan said.
Uy-Tan is elated that Charo Nabong Cabardo, one of the recognized foremost historian of the city, recognizes her administration’s efforts in recognizing the city’s culture and arts.
Uy-Tan said that she herself, after attending several activities related to the founding anniversary of Catbalogan, had realized how the local people had fought to have a Catbalogan to what it is today.
“With this realization, I become more passionate and only when I was able to know the history of the city from 1616 until 2016 that deepen my love for Catbalogan,” she added.