ORMOC CITY- The local government unit of this city will make Lake Danao as the source of potable or drinking water for the residents.
City Mayor Richard Gomez, in an interview, said that the decision to switch to Lake Danao as the new source of water for the city is based on the present condition of the current source of water of this city that is already turbid due to the series of landslides that hit the city last July 6.
He added that the water system of the city has been damaged by the 6.5 magnitude quake.
“We have to find a new source of water which is Lake Danao,” Mayor Gomez said.
Mayor Gomez said that the whole Barangay Danao, which is near the lake, will be relocated considering also that the barangay is within the fault line.
He added that those who will not cooperate in the relocation of the barangay will be forcibly evacuated.
This is because the lake will be used as a new source of water for the city residents.
The mayor said that based on their findings, the water in the lake is more than enough to provide the needed water for the city even though at present the lake is also one of the major sources of water for Tacloban City and seven other towns in Leyte.
Regional Director Leonardo Sibbaluca of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources regional office 8 (DENR 8), said that the water in the guitar-shaped Lake Danao is potable and one of the tourist attractions of Ormoc City and one of the major sources of water of the Leyte Metropolitan Water District that provides water to this city and seven other towns of Leyte.
Director Sibbaluca said that the decision of Mayor Gomez not to allow any more human habitation near the lake is favorable to the environmental conservation and protection of the protected area.
He added that his office is exerting efforts in the protection and preservation of the unique and fragile ecosystem of Lake Danao Natural Park which is home to a diverse species of plants and animals.