Deployment of soldiers and cops in Samar

Governor Sharee Ann Tan Representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento

CALBAYOG CITY- There is nothing to fear on the planned deployment of soldiers and police in Samar as both Governor Sharee Ann Tan and Rep. Edgar Mary Sarmiento said that they welcome the coming in of troops to the province.
Samar was among the provinces mentioned where soldiers and policemen are to be boosted due to ‘lawless violence’ existing in these places as cited by Memorandum Order(MO) 32 issued by Malacañang.
Both Gov. Tan and Rep.Sarmiento (1st district) said that the deployment of these forces may just help the province which has been rocked with killing incidents in the past.
Samar has been consistently listed among the country’s hot spots or concerned areas during election time due to the presence of New People’s Army and private armed groups.
Gov. Tan said that she does not see anything wrong with MO 32 as long as the security sector will abide the policy and will not abuse it.
The governor is very optimistic that the order will be properly implemented in Samar.
“It was successfully implemented in Mindanao and supported by the local executives,” Tan, in a text message, said.
For his part, Rep. Sarmiento said that it is his aspiration for the province to have a peaceful existence, especially elections will be held next year.
“When I assumed office in 2016, my ultimate objective is to end the violence (and the) killings that are happening in the province,” he said.
“I am thankful to President Rodrigo Duterte for this effort. I am hoping that this will help in suppressing lawless violence in the province,” Sarmiento added.
Samar for the past years has been haunted by series of killings allegedly perpetuated by private armed groups (PAGs), wherein most of the victims are barangay officials or political party leaders.
“I see this effort of the government as one that can help for the province to attain peace. I hope this will be until the end of the elections,” Sarmiento said.
Sarmiento likewise told Samarnons not to panic because there is no reason for fear with the arrival of additional law enforcers.
“People who are not doing anything wrong should not fear. Why should we fear? These troops will be in the province to protect us and we must thank them,” the solon said.
Meanwhile, Sarmiento asked the military and the police that they should serve and protect the public and not any politicians.
“I am appealing to the members of the military and police to bear in mind that the uniform they are wearing should protect the public. They should not forget that they are serving the Filipino people not a single person; not a politician,” Sarmiento said.