TACLOBAN CITY- The 63- year old mother of a former mayoralty candidate in San Jorge, Samar was shot to death Sunday (February 19), just minutes after attending a Mass.
The victim, Luz Bisnar, was hit at her head and died while being brought to the Gandara District Hospital at the nearby town of Gandara, also in Samar, for treatment.
Bisnar, 63, has just attended the Sunday mass when still unknown assailants shot her at about 9:15 am while she was walking along Mancol Street of said town, just 50 meters away from the Church.
Local police, as of press time, have yet to identify the suspects and their reason for shooting and killing the old woman.
The victim was the mother of Lester Bisnar who ran for mayor but was defeated by Mayor Joseph Grey during the May 2016 elections.
Bisnar himself figured in an ambush try last January 28.
Four days later, bombs were lobbed at the three houses of Mayor Grey while his wife, Vice Mayor Nancy Grey, was also ambushed but survived the attempt on Feb.6.
San Jorge has long been identified as one of Samar’s “hot areas” during elections.