ORMOC CITY – Two fishermen who were reported missing were discovered with their dead bodies floating from the shoreline of Barangay 6, San Julian in Eastern Samar.

First to be recovered was the body of Leoncio Castro, 43 on midday last Friday (April 5) and the following day, that of Diosdado Castro, Sr., 59.

According to the Coast Guard Eastern Samar, the two fishermen went to fishing last Thursday (April 4) when their motor boat capsized due to strong winds and big waves.
Responding to the incident report, the Coast Guard promptly initiated a search and rescue operation in the waters off San Julian.

By midday Friday, they recovered the lifeless body of another fisherman, Leoncio Castro, 43, from the same area.

Continuing their search efforts, the Coast Guard expanded their operation to the waters of San Julian. Upon returning to their station in Borongan City, they received a call from Diosdado Castro Jr. past 6 pm on Saturday, informing them of his father’s discovery.

According to Castro Jr., a concerned citizen known only by the nickname “Minic,” from Brgy. Libas, spotted a floating object while returning from fishing. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was the body of the missing fisherman, Castro Sr.