TACLOBAN CITY- City Mayor Cristina Romualdez gave her homage to women, describing her as heroes and plays a crucial role towards the city’s development.
In her speech during the Women’s Month Congress held on Tuesday (March 20), the city mayor said that there is really no denial how important the roles being played by our women, both at their respective homes and in the city, in particular.
“To me, they are their family’s heroes, rearing children 24/7.As a mother and housewife, they pour out their love and compassion without expecting anything in return,” Romualdez, who is strong advocate on issues related to women.
As a strong advocate on women, Mayor Romualdez has shown how she extended her role to reach out to women by establishing the only women shelter in the region.
The shelter house is just at the foot of the Kanhuraw Hill where the City Hall is located.
Mayor Romualdez likewise encouraged the creation of women’s organizations to illustrate the role of women towards progress.
In an interview, Rebecca Ada, who chairs the Tacloban City Council of Women Ada, said that the council came into existence after President Rodrigo Duterte issued an executive order for all local government units to create a women’s council that would help women.
According to Ada, presently the council is composed of 19 women organizations from various sectors of the city.
This year’s women’s month celebration carry a theme “We make change, work for women.”