SUSPENSION OF CLASSES. Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez issued an executive order on Thursday (March 12) suspending classes in all levels across the city beginning on Friday(March 13) and to end on March 20 as a measure to contain any possible spread of the coronavirus disease 2019. Also in photo is City Health Officer Dr. Gloria Fabrigas.

TACLOBAN CITY- Mayor Alfred Romualdez has issued an order suspending classes in all levels, both in public and private, amidst the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19).
The suspension of classes started on Friday (March 13) which is to end on March 20,a measure aim to ensure the safety of the students and contain any possible spread of the virus, he said.
“Whereas, as a precautionary measure and in anticipation of any development that may arise out of this public health emergency, a localized cancellation or suspension of classes should be implemented,” Romualdez said on his order issued Thursday (March 12).
And in a hastily called press conference, Mayor Romualdez said that he has decided to cancel the classes in the city to ensure the safety of the students.
The suspension of classes in Tacloban, by Romualdez account, could affect at least 100,000 students.
“It might too risky for classes to continue considering that we have 100,000 students here. Most of our (college) students come from various provinces. So I would recommend that they go home first to their provinces and stay home until this will come to pass,” Romualdez said.
According to the city mayor, this measure could at least avoid possible spread of the virus, adding that these students takes public utility vehicles for a ride and also go to different places within the city that could prove difficult to conduct contact tracing if the case arises.
At present, Tacloban remains to be COVID-19 free.
Dr. Gloria Fabrigas, city health officer, however, said that they are monitoring the condition of a 35-year old woman, considered to be person under investigation for a possible carrier of the virus.
The woman, said to be a teacher, was now confined at the regional referral hospital on Wednesday (March 11) where was quarantine.
The woman’s husband worked in Europe who came home sometimes February and just returned ‘recently.’
Mayor Romualdez, meantime, asked the public not to panic saying he would do within his ‘power’ to ensure that no panic would ensued in Tacloban City.
He also said that he would also come up appropriate measures according to the situation.
Meantime, the city mayor said that employees of the city government are now to report for work from 7 am up to 6 pm with a free day on Friday.
The new work schedule is also part of the measures to ensure on the fight against spread of COVID-19.