Mayor Cristina Romualdez
Mayor Cristina Romualdez

By Alvin Gz Arpon

There is no doubt that the city chief executive Cristina G. Romualdez has sincerely and effectively performed her role as city mayor of the highly urbanized city of Tacloban in such a short time since her assumption to the post for only about eight months ago.
One of the impressive on-going projects –activities in the city is the improvement of the problematic drainage system.
Flooding in Tacloban has been a perennial problem Taclobanons experience, especially during typhoons when heavy rains fall. Going around Tacloban now, especially along the road from V&G subdivision to Robinsons Place-Tacloban shopping mall, a team of workers are busy digging canals much deeper than what it used to be.
Livelihood projects have been zealously pursued benefitting the poor residents of Tacloban. Cristina’s Learn and Earn Program (CLEP) has given joy to jobless people who learn technical skills to go into livelihood endeavors.
Joey Gabieta, one of Tacloban’s top journalists, says that aside from the CLEP, he is impressed by the mayor’s attention in the improvement of public places like the Rizal Park and the surroundings of the Tacloban astrodome. And a lot more!!
Tacloban constituents, however, are aware of what Mayor Romualdez have been doing and have done. But they have no idea what else more are in store for them in the next quarters.
So we sought an audience with City Administrator Irene Chui. Being the city administrator and an alter ego of the mayor, she certainly knows where Tacloban is heading.
Atty. Irene Chui is not only tailored-fit to the position of city administrator. She has in her hands information on all programs, targets and plans for Tacloban’s cross-section development.
But more than that we likewise discovered of her pleasing personality, a humble lady who possesses that spectacular open-mindedness and her very impressive accommodating nature and a pretty one at that, that OSCA Head and Leyte Samar Daily Express Publisher Dalmacio “Massey” Grafil, who was with me were highly pleased.
In March this year of 2017, the city government will implement a “fixing the market” concerns focus.
Additional structures will be constructed. More stalls for vendors will be added because of the growing number of small-time businessmen in the city. A good number of them are beneficiaries of the CLEP program of Mayor “Kring-kring” (her nickname).
To provide adequate spaces for these stalls intended for these small-time vendors, the city government has earmarked P10 million for the construction of two new buildings.
(For more info/ updates at City Hall Part II comes out Saturday march 4.)