ORMOC CITY– A helper/mechanic from a local motorcycle shop is currently fighting for his life at the Eastern Visayas Medical Center (EVMC) in Tacloban City after being shot by an unidentified gunman while on duty inside the shop at approximately 1:20 pm on March 6, in Poblacion District 2, La Paz, Leyte.

Based on the report of the local police, the victim, identified as Darryl Molon, 30, was working at Marticio Motorshop when the assailant, riding in a single motorcycle arrived at the scene.

The suspect, wearing a jacket, a closed helmet, and a baseball cap, lingered in front of the shop for some time.

Surveillance footage from the shop indicated that the suspect, positioned on his motorcycle, seemed to await the opportune moment to attack.

Subsequently, when the timing was deemed appropriate, the suspect ignited the motorcycle’s engine, brandished an unidentified caliber firearm, and fired two shots at the victim, striking him in the abdomen.

Fellow workers rushed the victim to the Rural Health Unit, but due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred to the EVMC for urgent medical attention. Medical personnel attending to Molon have classified his condition as critical.

Despite the efforts of local authorities to pursue the suspect, they have yet to apprehend the perpetrator. (ROBERT DEJON)