ORMOC CITY– A farmer from Calbayog City who went missing while searching for his lost carabao for days was discovered in an early stage of decomposition last Tuesday (April 30) on his farmland.

The victim, identified as “Rudy,” 61, and a farmer residing in Purok 3, Brgy. Cag-Anibong, Oquendo District in the said city was found dead at about 2:30 pm, local police said.

Based on the report of the Calbayog city police, they received information regarding a body discovered in Brgy. Cag-Anibong from the victim’s wife.

Letecia, the victim’s wife, reported to the Calbayog city police that at around 5:41 pm last April 29 her husband had gone missing after heading to their farmland on Sunday, April 28, around 6 am.

She informed the police that he had gone to the farm to search for their missing carabao, which disappeared on Saturday, April 27.

However, at about 2:30 pm on Tuesday (April 31), fellow farmers discovered the victim lifeless on his farmland, already in a state of decomposition.

They noted that the victim still had his long bolo tucked in his waist with its scabbard. Upon discovery, the farmers promptly reported the matter to their local barangay officials, who then alerted the local police.

The victim’s body was relocated to the lower portion of the barangay, where the police contacted scene of the crime operatives’ personnel to process the crime scene.