ORMOC CITY– A laborer who came from a drinking spree ended up dead after he was drowned at about 5:30 pm on Friday (May 24) in a river of Barangay Calirocan, Gandara in Samar province.

Police identify the victim as alias “Sam”, 38, and a resident of said barangay.

Initial investigation conducted by responding police disclosed that the victim and his friend were having a drinking session in the house of alias “Brando” and after their drinking session, the victim informed “Brando” that he was going to take a bath at the said river.

Thereafter, the victim was seen by a certain “Jas” in the said river, struggling and asking for help. The police added that Jas immediately asked for help from the residents to help the victim and called the Gandara Emergency Response Unit but the victim was already submerged in water and subsequently drowned.

The body of the victim was recovered at around 9:15 pm Friday, and was declared dead by the personnel of the response unit. (ROBERT DEJON)