TACLOBAN CITY-Harmony and synergy are basic rule of thumb in achieving goals in any institution and these are what move the administration and the general parents-teachers association of Leyte National High School this school year. In a recent regular meeting of the GPTA board, attended by the school principal Jane Codilan, lack of water supply was discussed. This scarcity was a chief cause of the lack of functional lavatory facilities and comfort rooms within the campus to serve more than 7,000 students. Codilan, who is the adviser of the GPTA, informed that she tried to tap the cooperation of the alumni association in installing rain catchment facilities to address the need for water supply.

This, however, are not enough considering the number of school buildings in the campus that have comfort room, thus prompting her to seek same support from the GPTA board in putting up additional rain catchment structures. “If the GPTA can help put up at least one or two rain water catchment facility, this will be of great help in making comfort rooms functional again,” she said in the meeting. The GPTA board led by its president Nelson Balagusa is yet to consider this proposal as the board has just created and named the new composition of various essential committees jointly consisting of certain GPTA officers and teachers.

In the meantime, the board and Codilan agreed to allow homeroom PTAs to hire their own laborers who could help maintain functional comfort rooms, provided that those to be hired are personally recommended by the teachers in charge of each building in the campus. A greater challenge that the school now faces is providing enough classrooms for the Grade 12 students next school year. In this year’s statistics, the number of enrollees in Grade 11 reached to more than a thousand needing 26 classrooms, but to which only 15 are yet all that the school could afford.

“We could not deny them from enrolling because this is a public school,” stressed Codilan. She informed that besides the on-going construction of school buildings, there will be repairs to be done in some buildings in the campus. As of now there are over 40 buildings inside the campus including the administration office. The GPTA board, which has named Balagusa, GPTA vice president Harold Lacaba and treasurer Maria Lorna Garnace as members of the projects and programs committee, will take into account the current pressing needs of students LNHS in prioritizing help to be extended to the school.  (EILEEN NAZARENO-BALESTEROS)