Citing decrease of crime incidence

TACLOBAN CITY- The province of Leyte remains to be one of the peaceful areas in region, if not, in the entire country.
This was disclosed by provincial police director, Colonel Rolando Bade who made this assertion during the provincial meeting of the peace and order council held on June 7.
Bade used the reduction of the crime rate across the province as his basis on his claim.
Based on their record, the crime rate of Leyte, using the January to May period, declined by 1.07 percent compared to the same period of last year.
The crime incidence of the province covering the first five months of the year was 1,198 which is lower compared to the 1,211 of last year’s same period.
Bade credited the enhanced managing police operations mechanisms and the maximization of human and logistical resources as reasons why they were able to bring down the crime incidence of Leyte.
Of the 1,198 crime volume of the province, 963 of them were classified as non-index crime or those offenses involving properties and violation of special laws and 235 index crimes or those involving persons.
“While index crime was lowered from 332 reported incident in 2018 to 235 in 2019, the non-index crime for January to May increased to 963 cases from 879 cases due to intensive operation against illegal drugs, illegal gambling, illegal fishing, illegal logging and operation against loose firearms,” Col Bade explained.
Bade also said that crime solution efficiency increased to 1.46 percent or 81.72 percent in 2019 from 80.26 percent in 2018 and the crime clearance efficiency also went up to 98.05 percent in 2019 from 97.03 percent in 2018 or an increase of 1.02 percent.
The police provincial director also said that the average monthly crime rate went down from 15.8 percent of last year’s first five months to just 15.71 percent of the same period or a decrease of 4.01 percent while the average monthly index crime rate also declined to 3 percent from 4.30 percent compared to the same period last year or a 30.23 percent difference.
In the campaign against illegal drugs, Leyte Police Provincial Office (PPO) conducted a total of 95 police operations and arrested a total of 105 persons with two illegal drug personalities killed.
About 69.65 grams of shabu and 1, 012.45 grams of marijuana or a total value of P658, 401 were confiscated during the operations.
A total of 194 cases were filed in various courts by the Leyte PPO in relation to anti-illegal drug operations.