THIS school of thought holds that knowledge is independent of sense perception or experience. It lays stress on the mental idea, intrinsic or spiritual values rather than on physical fact or material value. It also asserts that man as a part of the universe is a purposive being and knows some truths by reasoning logically in the relationship between values, and that true idea exist innately in the soul of man.

Idealism also claims that man’s knowledge is based on his mental state and the mental stimulus perceived by man soul comes from an infinite spirit which is God.  And God is the highest good to whom all absolute good, beauty, and values are found. In education, idealism argues that the individual’s freedom should be emphasized and guaranteed. The idealists claim that education must provide for the development of the mind of every pupil, and in order to realize this, the school must concentrate on intellectual and moral judgment, and aesthetic development of the students. This, they contend, showed only be made possible through a subject matter-central curriculum designed in order to provide students with the best ideas of human culture and civilization.

On the other hand, the idealist expects the teachers to be role models of intellectual, moral, aesthetic, and vocational excellence to their students. They should teach by example. (MIGUEL V. DUMAS, Jr.officer-in-charge, district supervisor)