He’s hurting, she said


TACLOBAN CITY- President Rodrigo Duterte’s partner, Cieleto “Honeylet” Avanceña, has asked the public to understand the Chief Executive in his decision firing several members of his Cabinet and other government officials holding high posts.
Avanceña, who was here Tuesday (May 22) to inaugurate the six-story main building of the new Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center located in Barangay Bagacay, admitted that the President is not happy whenever he fires any of his officials as most of them are his friends who convinced him to seek the presidency in 2016 elections.
Avanceña said that she is giving her full support on the decision of her husband to axe these officials as they were accused of committing corruption.
“Please do not take it against him. A lot of people are bashing the President because he has been firing the people he himself had put into office. He is just true to his promise to stop illegal drugs and eliminate corruption in the government,” she said in her speech.
“He is hurt, to be honest with you because they are all his friends. He doesn’t enjoy it all. That’s why, it break his heart to fire them but he cannot do anything about it,” Avanceña added.
Avanceña said that eliminating corruption in the government is one of the priorities of the administration of her husband.
She added that with corruption being addressed by the Duterte administration, confidence among investors will be restored which will result for the country’s economy to thrive.
The latest to be axed by Mr. Duterte due to alleged corruptions or misuse of government funds were former Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and actor Cesar Montano, chief of the tourism promotion board. (LIZBETH ANN A. ABELLA)