TACLOBAN CITY- As the city continues to experience heavy downpours, a health official reminds the public to take extra caution to avoid getting sick due to the bad weather.
Dr. Jaime Opinion Jr., city health officer, said that the cases of people, particularly children and elderly people, getting sick from cold, cough and fever notably increases during this kind of weather.
People should avoid going out but if they need to go out, they should make sure that they are properly protected like bringing with them umbrellas and other protective gears so they would not be exposed to the rain and the cold weather, Opinion said.
The public is also reminded to drink lots of water, take vitamins and to consult a doctor if they have cough for weeks especially when it is accompanied by fever.
The people are also advised to avoid walking into floods or better use rubber rain boots to avoid leptospirosis.(EDIZON CAHINDO, LNU Student Intern)