Florencio ‘Bem’ Noel

Noel still insist it should be regulated

TACLOBAN CITY- He does not find it wrong if marijuana would be used for medical purposes.
Thus said former congressman Florencio ‘Bem’ Noel of the An Waray party-list group, when asked if he is in favor of using marijuana as a medical tool.
The use of marijuana for medical purposes came into fore with no less than former president and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo admitting to use marijuana patch to ease her pain due to her cervical spine problem.
Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte admitted to have used marijuana to make him stay awake.
“My personal stand although it has to be discussed yet with the board of An Waray, I am not against it for even in other places the use of marijuana is already legal for it was scientifically proven that it can really cure,” Noel said.
Noel said that once he return to Congress and this controversial measure would be tackled, he would actively join its deliberation.
He insisted that any possible medical use of marijuana should still be supervised and regulated by the government, adding that it could be abused by some.
“It’s easy to ask for a prescription from some of our doctors,” he said.
During the recently-concluded Miss Universe 2018, the Philippines’ bet, Catriona Gray, who eventually won the country’s fourth crown of said beauty pageant, agreed that marijuana could be used for medical purposes.