ORMOC CITY– Five housewives are presently languishing at the detention cell at the police station in Cabucgayan, Biliran after they were caught engaging in illegal gambling at the house owned by a certain alias “Merwa” on Wednesday (June 12).

The arrested suspects were identified as alias “Merwa” 66; “Neda” 49; “Tese” 50; “Lanny” 53, and “Wena” legal age, single. All residents of Barangay Casiwan of the said town.

The Cabucgayan police said that at about 2:50 pm, they were conducting an anti-illegal gambling operation when they chance to find the suspects playing ‘tongits’, an illegal card game in the open.

The suspects were stunned upon their arrival of the police and failed to elude the arrest.
Confiscated from the suspect’s possession were one set of playing cards and bet money amounting to P298 in different denominations.

The suspects and confiscated evidence were brought to Cabucgayan MPS for documentation and proper disposition, while a case of violation of PD 1602, the law against illegal gambling, was charged against them.