ORMOC CITY-A farmer, who was last reported harvesting nipa leaves, was found dead at about 7 am on Saturday (June 22) in the coastal area of Sitio Batang, Barangay Uban in Babatngon, Leyte.

The victim was identified by the police as alias “Longgoy”, 65, married, and a resident of Brgy. Uban of the said town.

Babatngon police said that they received a cellphone call from a concerned citizen that a dead body was found in the mangrove area of the said barangay.

Initial investigation conducted by responding police disclosed that the victim was last seen alive at about 8 am on Friday(June 21), harvesting nipa leaves.

However, the following day, at about 7 am, the lifeless body of the victim was discovered dead, with clothes printed with ‘barangay tanod’ tied in his left hand was trapped within the mangrove trees.

The police added that based on their findings, the victim accidentally hacked his left hand while harvesting the nipa leaves at the said place.

Dr. Julieta Conge, municipal health officer, pronounced the victim dead.

She theorized that the victim died from loss of blood due to the wound he sustained on his wrist. (ROBERT DEJON)