TACLOBAN CITY- Former senator Letecia Ramos-Shahani appealed to women to come to terms on the tragedy that they experienced during the supertyphoon Yolanda.
This way, it would be easy for them to cope up on the trauma that they experienced, said Shahani during her talks before women held at the University of the Philippines-Tacloban Campus on March 14, this year.
The former senator was invited to speak before the gathering composed of women coming from different groups in the light of the month-long Women Month celebration.
“Women cannot build communities which have been destroyed by (a) disaster unless women build their insides; women should come into terms with their own disasters before trying to help the exterior disaster of Yolanda,” Shahani said.
“You cannot give, what you do not have,” she added.
Shahani said she was glad that she was invited to speak before women of this typhoon-ravaged city as she wanted to visit Tacloban after it was pummeled by supertyphoon Yolanda.
Shahani was described as a “seasoned gem stone” by Commissioner Joycie Alegre of the National Commission for Cultures and the Arts (NCCA) during the activity.
“(Shahani) was invited to the forum because she has achieved a very significant career as a leader not only as a Filipina representing the Philippines but as a woman,”Alegre said.
For his part, Msgr. Ramon Aguilos, chair of the Leyte Samar Heritage Society, Inc, assured the women that the archdiocese of Palo will always be supporting all advocacies on women and their rights in the society. (LIZBETH ANN ABELLA)