TACLOBAN City, Leyte, July 27 (PIA) — Admitting he is more on personnel and operational management than a clinician, Doctor Salvador Evardone assumed recently as the 10th hospital chief of the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC) since”Yolanda”.
Prior to this, he was the chief of the Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital (ESPH) for 14 years, which gave him a rich experience in running a government health facility.
Back there, he paid attention and resolved staffing and personnel issues.
One ESPH staff who requested anonymity said, as a health leader Evardone is diplomatic not dominant with what he wants to implement. Whenever possible, he agrees on personal limitations of people and of available resources.
Evardone believes that for personnel to better perform, their needs have to be satisfied because they are the ones who translate strategies to action.
At EVRMC before his official assumption on August 2, he said he has heard of a few complaints of patients or their families but this is normal, he said.
Not to be discounted are complains in the recent past of arrogant health personnel, of which Dr. Avito Salinas, Deputy Chief acknowledged.
On the same note however, did Salinas appeal to the public to think of the majority of nurses, doctors and attendants who give better attention and services.
“EVRMC has about 2,400 personnel and the fault of one or two should not be branded for the entire working force, that is unfair,” Dr. Salinas said.
He was seconded by Dr. Evardone who requested media to validate any perceived misconduct of personnel, to validate the info with management.
On the operations side, Dr. Evardone stressed that he will be consultative with other members of top level management, continue the good practices and improve other service delivery if need be.
What is most challenging to EVRMC is the unfinished work of JD Legaspi Contractor.
“We’ve sent demand letters to JD Legaspi Construction in Manila for several months now, but we have yet to receive a reply or better yet to complete Phase-1 building of Cabalawan EVRMC,” Dr. Salinas shared.
Part of the construction, he added, is the provision of a transformer so they can start using their CT Scan machine.
“With our fluctuating electric current, we cannot start using the P100M worth CT Scan machine without the heavy duty transformer, otherwise it will destroyed instantly.
EVRMC also needs the help of DPWH08 to finish the road construction fronting the building and the Tacloban City LGU to control the increasing number of illegal stores which is believed to hamper the traffic flow.
Dr. Evardone and Dr. Salinas are highly hopeful that the Master Plan in making EVRMC an Apex health facility will soon be realized so people in the region will no longer have to go to Manila or Cebu for treatment of serious ailments.
(G.Tabao/PIA Leyte)