When it comes to entertainment, millennial in the Philippines are usually seen spending time online, watching YouTube videos.
They have the latest apps, watch the latest TV series or into the latest hits. They DON’T READ NEWSPAPERS. They have Google for information and Waze for road directions.
Another set of description that best fits the millennial are: upbeat, lazy, narcissistic, materialistic, self- expressive, fun-loving and liberal. They also have short attention span.
It has been said that they’re digital natives- growing up amidst social networks and rapidly evolving technology.
Take an example in school- they can’t stay in an hour in a class without visiting their social media account, hence, posting a selfie in whatever move they have to do.
They let followers, likers, and friends (they actually haven’t met) for opinions, comments, and advice about certain topic. They are also known as career shifters, jumping from one field to another, seeing career as “self- discovery” and who are in Facebook may not necessarily who they are in real-life. They have different versions of themselves depending on what they want to show the world.
But knowing a millennial has its gauge. They are imaginative, creative, and build a community of their own. The way they express themselves makes them special. Different in a way that they manage to be responsible on the decision they make. They are open-minded and easily embrace the changes in the society they actually adapt without so much pressure or question.
Help create a clearer, better picture of millennials. Let’s be more open in understanding them as they build their future for the world to see.
(Note: The author is the head teacher I of the Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries in Tanauan, Leyte)