The municipality of Arteche in Eastern Samar under Mayor Roland Boie Evardone(left)has come up a program to fight malnutrition stalking many of its children. The program is dubbed as ‘Hapag Pagasa Program.’

TACLOBAN CITY – The municipal government of Arteche in Eastern Samar province has launched a feeding program that aims to address its malnutrition problem.

Together with the ASA Foundation, the local government will implement the Hapag-Asa Program targeting 519 children from 20 villages of the municipality who are in need of nourishment.

The children will undergo a feeding program five times a week using MannaPack, fortified rice with dried soybean, vitamin-packed flavoring, and dehydrated vegetables.

Hapag-Asa Program is implemented under the Project SUStainable-nutrition And Nanay Empowerment or Project SUSAN.e which aims to provide a solution to the pressing issue of malnutrition in the community.

Project SUSAN.e is a 36-month-long program targeting infants and their mothers which aims to secure their nutritional needs in their first 1,000 days to prevent instances of malnutrition and stunting, empower the mother or father, provide skills development, and livelihood.

Mayor Roland Boie Evardone disclosed that through this program, they will be providing maternal health support such as check-ups and laboratories, nutrition education, and complementary feeding program for babies from seven months until they reach 2 years of age.

At least 30 mothers who are in the first trimester of their pregnancy will benefit the Project Susan.e after they give birth, and this will be expanded to their babies.