A cook prepares food at the Food Service Sector Laboratory (FSSL) located at the provincial capitol’s premises in Eastern Samar. The laboratory is also used as a learning facility to promote the province’s authentic cuisine and delicacies to locals and tourists.(Contributed photo)

TACLOBAN CITY–A food service sector laboratory (FSSL) in Eastern Samar has turned into a tourism learning facility, promoting the province’s authentic local cuisine and delicacies for its visitors.
“It provides food service to locals and tourists. Those who wish to engage in a small food business may come to learn how the basic of food service dynamics, local cuisine preparation, and others at par with tourism standards,” said provincial tourism officer Franklin Robedizo.
At least six stalls and one “Pasalubong” Center were established at the provincial capitol’s grounds to showcase locally manufactured food and non-food products.
“The FSSL is a platform to encourage local tourism stakeholders to engage in livelihood, purposely to achieve additional income for the family and eventually help reduce poverty in the province,” added Robedizo.
According to Robedizo, the laboratory’s tenants are the ones who teach those who would like to learn the local cuisine.
People will learn to cook easily because all food offered at the FSSL are cooked on sight, he added.
The tenants have also undergone a “qualification process”.
“The tenants are only paying for electricity, water, and security. There is no rent,” said Robedizo.
Also, every stall has its own set of menu to avoid competition.
Local menu includes ginataang manok (chicken stewed in coconut milk), grilled fish, seafood and meat, sinigang (stew), tinola na isda (fish in ginger broth), Borongan express, aroz caldo, and fruit juices, among others.
The food laboratory started its operation last Dec 16, 2018.
According to Robedizo, the establishment of the laboratory is “in pursuance with the ‘Proyekto 25’ on tourism program of Governor Marcelino Ferdinand Picardal.”