ORMOC CITY- As part of the disaster and risk reduction management programs of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Leyte Fourth District Engineering Office (DEO), the office conducted the second earthquake drill this year.
DPWH conducts earthquake drills every quarter to equip all employees with the proper skills and abilities to avoid any injuries in the event of an earthquake or fire. To help with this activity, the Bureau of Fire Protection assessed the performance of the DEO during the entire process to enable each one to further improve.
The drill started at the sound of a siren. Everyone, alert of the signal, immediately performed the drop, cover, and hold sequence.
As the sound ended, everyone continued to cover their heads with their hands or some hard material to protect them from any falling debris and proceeded outside the building. Everyone then counted themselves off to ensure no one was left behind. It was found out that there was a member missing.
Two members were then sent to check back on the missing member and check if there were still people inside the building. After seeing an injured member, the team hurried outside to fetch a stretcher which they used to carry the injured member outside and into the ambulance.
After the drill, the BFP informed the team that compared to the last time, the DEO improved. DE Gonzalez also congratulated the team and continued to remind each one about the importance of these drills. (PR)