Projected to help congestion problem in Calbayog City

CALBAYOG CITY-The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in the first district of Samar has started the implementation of a P350 million bypass road project.
The project is divided in three points: the first where it starts in Barangay San Policarpo; the second that acts as a midpoint access is in Brgy. Aguit-Itan; and the last one is in Brgy. Rawis where it ends.
The 4-lanes road project has a total length of 4.6732 kms.and covers bank and slope protection works and other structures.
According to project Engineer Ramon Calagos, the construction of the bridge and concreting of the road is not included in the budget.
“The P350 million budget is only for the phase 1 of the project. It does not include the concreting and the construction of the bridge that will be located in Brgy. Aguit-itan,” Calagos said.
He added that the road will pass thru the seashores of the seven coastal barangays in the city and assured that mangrove plantations will not be affected.
The official further stated that the project is needed as an alternate route to help decongest the traffic in the city proper.
“The increasing volume of vehicles coming in and out of the city congest the road so we need to do something to help control it,” Engr. Calagos said.
Although the Calbayog City Diversion Road was already opened to traffic earlier, still traffic situation in the city is still a problem.
“This project just like the Calbayog Diversion Road will help in solving our traffic problems and help in bringing economic development in our place,” Calagos further added.
The project is being implemented by B. Vicencio construction, which according to Engr. Calagos will be finished by 2020.
Meanwhile, Rep.Edgar Mary Sarmiento (1st district) is very positive of the outcome the project will bring to Samarnons.
“This project is something for the development not only of the city but the entire province as well,” Sarmiento said.
He added that with the non-stop increase of the number of vehicles passing thru the city from Luzon to Mindanao and vice-versa, an alternate road such as this bypass road will be very helpful.
“Calbayog is the center where vehicles coming from Luzon and Mindanao passes thru. With this, they now have an alternate route aside from the city proper and the diversion road,” Sarmiento said.