NSSDEO, Brgy. Burabud, Laoang, N. Samar-Staff and employees of the Department of Public Works & Highways Northern Samar Second District Engineering Office (DPWH-NSSDEO) took their time off from their hectic and routine work schedules and elated each other’s company in the recently conducted high-spirited team building activities.

This year’s team building, held at Somoray Park & Resort, Bobon, Northern Samar, anchors on the theme, “United, We ROLE”, where R means Real, O means Obey, L means Love, and E stands for Example.

Spearheaded by District Engineer Charlito S. Carlobos, a 2-day team building activities on April 30-May 1, 2024, was conducted.

The program commenced with well-informative message of the guest speaker, Merly P. Allado, wherein she tackled the hindrances of unity which are jealousy, self-focus, bitterness, and unforgiving. She also imparted to all how to restore unity with respect, understand, love, and become a walking example to others.

Then, she also conducted a team workshop that created jovial memories and lessons which has something to do with their day-to-day job. Thereafter, she emphasized and helped the participants to internalize the holistic significance of unity in order to attain success and betterment.

The second part of the program consisted of various physical games such as ball relay, carry your leader, shoot the straw, pass the message with a twist and pass the ball, and each team battled for toughness, pace, tactics or game plan, and a lot of teamwork, where cooperation and unity were tested. At the end of the games, White Team was declared the overall winner.

By nightfall, there were team presentations that spurred entertainment and laughter among the participants. The event wrapped up with the awarding of winners, where Beige Team got the first place.

The next day, the event winded up with the employees happily paddling in the swimming pool.

Thereby, NSSDEO staff and employees went home with the lesson and unity gained in the 2-day team building activities.