NSSDEO, Brgy. Burabud, Laoang, N. Samar– Off-carriageway improvement project along San Policarpo-Arteche-Lapinig Road in Lapinig, Northern Samar, is one of the priority projects of DPWH-Northern Samar Second District Engineering Office (NSSDEO) to provide additional space and ensure the safety of motorists navigating the road to Eastern Samar.
This project is funded under the DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program thru General Appropriations Act of CY 2024 with an allocated amount of P10,385,000.00. It has a project accomplishment of 25.22% as of February 2024. This undertaking commenced on January 18, 2024, with a projected completion date set on April 16, 2024.

The main scope of work of the project includes concreting of 1,513.40 meters road shoulder, both sides, which is significant to the road users since it will give them additional lanes to accommodate the increasing volume of vehicles plying the area from Eastern Samar to Northern Samar, vice versa, since the opening of the Samar Pacific Coastal Road along the Palapag-Simora Road section.

The improvement of this road section will benefit the traveling public of the two connecting districts of Northern and Eastern Samar with the ultimate aspiration of uplifting the socio-economic activity of people, as well as good and services, through widened road infrastructure facility.

Upon completion, the project also aims to facilitate faster and more convenient travel for motorists using the road section. Furthermore, the widened carriageway will also enhance vehicle capacity and provide safe space for wayfarer.

The San Policarpo-Arteche-Lapinig Road is the entryway of the Second District of Northern Samar to Eastern Samar. In the long run, this vital tertiary road directly links the two provinces that can cater large volume of daily traffic and promotes seamless trade and transactions.