CATARMAN, N. Samar-The Department of Public Works and Highways – Northern Samar First District Engineering Office (NSFDEO) recently underwent a surveillance audit conducted by SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. on March 4-5, 2024.

The audit aimed at assessing the office’s compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards and if compliance to the DPWH requirements is being sustained by the office.

During the exit conference, the 3rd party Auditor Mr. Joseph Denoga did not find any negative findings nor non-conformities.

The auditor commended the district office for its consistent adherence to department orders, process flows, and other applicable requirements, noting that this consistency was evident across all aspects of the audit, from the planning stage to samples presented, financial aspects, and the project visited.

One of the highlights of the audit was the commendation of the district office for its proactive approach in conducting media forums to inform the public about the status of projects and the district initiatives.

Mr. Denoga further emphasized that said practice not only addresses issues and concerns promptly but also enhances transparency and accountability with the public.

In his message, District Engineer Alvin A. Ignacio thanked all employees and staff for the successful audit, stating, “The successful audit reaffirms NSFDEO’s commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency in its operations.

It also underscores the office’s dedication to upholding ISO 9001:2015 standards, ensuring that it remains compliant with the guidelines and clauses set by the International Organization for Standardization.” (ANALIZA A. PABIA, PIO ALTERNATE/PR)