BORONGAN CITY-Information Officers of the Department of Public Works and Highways(DPWH) in Eastern Visayas are taking on their responsibility of fighting fake news.
During their quarterly meeting held in Borongan City hosted by the DPWH -Eastern Samar District Engineering Office (ESDEO), District Engineer Manolo Rojas urged the information officers to become warriors against fake news.
“Because of the technology and accessible social media, a lot of information is now displayed on the internet, fake news is rampant,” he said.
“Unsubstantiated complaints are now spreading because of the tactics of dirty politics.”
He asked the information officers to write only factual information.
“You are the warriors against fake news!”
“As we now face the age of infrastructure, we at the DPWH are expected to perform with excellence,” he told them.
He added, since the government allotted the biggest budget to DPHW this year 2018, all eyes are now focused on their performances.
Rojas also urged them to write about the grandest project attached to the DPWH which is Build, Build, Build.
In return, he pledged his full support to the information officers.
The IOS meet in Borongan City for their quarterly meeting and some refresher courses on news writing and social media.
To the bidding of the DPWH district engineer, the IOs replied with a loud yes as they continue to learn ways to write press releases about school buildings, bridges, roads in underdeveloped places and public buildings. (NINFA QUIRANTE/PIA 8-E Samar)