ORMOC CITY– As Ormoc City is one of the lead rice-producers in Eastern Visayas, there is a prevalence in fertilizer application on most land areas, this together with the onset of the rainy season have caused tall grass and weeds to grow unmanaged.

Roadside vegetation needs to be regulated as they obstruct ability to see approaching traffic around bends, decrease visibility, block road markings and overall affect a driver’s passing sight distance.

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – Leyte Fourth District Engineering Office (DEO) maintenance fieldworkers mitigate these issues by accomplishing their routine vegetation control activity in road shoulders along Ormoc-Baybay-Southern Leyte (OBSL) road section. Moreover, all roads within Leyte 4th DEO’s jurisdiction are well-kept as the office maintenance section intensifies regular maintenance activities. (PR)