TACLOBAN CITY – Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Regional Director Robert Anthony Yu emphasized the importance of youth and nongovernment Organizations’ engagement in various DAR initiatives in an interview last on April 29 at the ‘Kapihan ha PIA.’

“The sons and daughters of farmers know that our office can’t afford to provide sufficient resources to every farmer there is. For that, we are encouraging them to benefit from the government’s grant by being a scholar or by taking part in DAR programs. Truth is, we are really moving however, it is upon the discretion of the young generation today whether they will grab the opportunity or not especially that they are being influenced by what they see or hear in social media and such”, Yu expounds.

The different programs led by DAR are a great opportunity for NGOs as well because they may take the initiative in coordinating with the office and present a proposal stipulating the mobilization of any agrarian reforms-related activities.

Further, Yu also expressed that DAR is monitoring those organizations in Visayas State University (VSU) affiliated to their office for they are the leading organization in technology for farming and agriculture. Thus, DAR taps technology and action-based organizations to help them implement their activities.

Until the present, Yu still encourages NGOs and youth especially agriculture graduates to become farmers or young entrepreneurs themselves.
“We actually have agriculture graduates here in the region who are performing very well. I can see that there’s a lot to improve with these young adults through the help of DAR”, Yu said.

The government agency is welcoming those who would want to learn more about agrarian reforms – may it be the youth, non-government organizations, or other institutions as long as they are willing to be trained.