ORMOC CITY-Excessive heat while cooking copra resulted in the conflagration of the copra dryer at about 3:30 PM on Sunday (March 5) in Sitio Mahayahay of Barangay San Miguel, San Isidro, Leyte.

The burned copra dryer was owned by Mary Ann Arabis,30.

Major Reymund Quinagutan, town police chief, said that at about 1 pm on that day, laborers lit up the copra kiln to cook the copra but due to the heat and oil excreted from the copra, the fire became uncontrollable and spread above the kiln which was made of concrete and light materials that subsequently spread out at the adjacent shanty.
The workers immediately called the local fire office for assistance which got help from the nearby fire station of Tabango.

The fire was declared under control at about 4: 55 pm and fire out at about 5:43 pm.
No injury was reported because of the fire with estimated total damage of P100, 000. (ROBERT DEJON)