ORMOC CITY- An alleged drug pusher this city was killed during a buy bust operation on the eve of New Year’s celebration.
Em Luzares, 37, married and a resident of Barangay Cogon was killed after he attempted to draw his gun while he was dealing with an undercover policeman, Chief Inspector Joseph Joevel Young, head of Police Station 3 and of the city anti-illegal drugs and special operations task group (CAIDSSOTG),said.
Recovered from the suspect, who was also known to be contractor, was a packed of methamphetamine or shabu and a P500 marked money.
Young added that Luzares was on board in his white car going to the city when the drug transaction was done.
While the transaction was ongoing, the suspect sensed that he was dealing with a law enforcer and drew his gun.
But the undercover policeman was able to shot him first which resulted to his instant death, Young said.
Luzares, a suspected drug pusher known as street value target, was earlier subjected to a series of surveillance but the operatives have difficulty getting chance on him as he was said to be very careful on his illegal drug dealings.
The intensified campaign by the government against the proliferation of illegal drugs have resulted the price of the contraband to increase reason why Luzares, who has a legitimate business, continued to engage in the illegal drug trade, police said.