As experienced by the Jipapad station submerged with flood waters

TACLOBAN CITY – Hazard-prone municipal police stations need to be relocated to higher or safer areas, thus said Police Regional Office Director Brigadier General Rommel Francisco Marbil.

Marbil made this statement after he visited the police station in Jipapad, Eastern Samar where flood water reached up to the second floor of the three-story building when the town experienced massive flooding early this month.

The policemen, including the four individuals who are inside the custodial facility, had to be evacuated to third floor of the facility.

Hearing this problem, PBGen Marbil said that they will now include in the assessment whenever there are donation of lot for a PNP facility if the location is safe from any type of hazard.

“Ang donation po ng lupa, tinatanggap po natin ito basta safe sa New People’s Army okay na tayo, pero hindi po natin kasama yung calamity,” he said.

“Now it will be part of system natin.It will be part ng proseso natin na pagka may nagdonate sa pagpagawa ng building kasama na dapat sa checklist na hindi lang dapat NPA-free, dapat calamity-free rin po,” the police regional director added.

During the flooding this month, four of the police personnel and two civilian personnel of the police station who are residents of Jipapad were badly affected by the flooding after their houses were submerged to flood waters.

Marbil personally gave them food assistance and cash assistance worth P10,000 which they can use to repair their houses.

Marbil also promised the Jipapad police a new service vehicle.

After visiting, Jipapad, Marbil also visited Taft municipality to lead in the inauguration of the new police station located next to the municipal town building.

The said facility was built at a cost of P6 million which started on February of last year.
“Isa po sa mga pangarap ng mga police is for us to have a permanent place kasi kung mayroon lugar na kagaya nito permanent, we can give more services. Yung lang naman po ang kailangan ng mga police natin para umaksyon, sabi nga nila, ang police pag umaksyon, napakabilis,” Marbil added.